FFZ: Sunday, September 25, 2016

Baltimore Shooting: Gunmen Wound Eight, Including 3-Year-Old Girl

“AP – BALTIMORE – Three gunmen shot and wounded eight people including a 3-year-old girl on an east Baltimore street Saturday night…victims…expected to survive. The shooting erupted outside some rowhouses about 8:30 p.m. after the three armed men converged on the group from different points…”

7 injured in stabbing near Emerson College campus in Boston

“Seven people have been stabbed in an attack on Tremont Street in Boston’s Theater District early Sunday, local media said. Police told media one suspect is still at large, while a second is in custody. One victim was critically injured…in emergency surgery, according to the Boston Globe…”

FFZ: Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cascade Mall Shooting: The Latest

“UPDATE 8:32 a.m. (PT): Authorities say they have recovered a rifle at the scene of the Cascade Mall shooting. The suspect is still at large, and a manhunt is underway. At this time, police do not have a name or positive identification on the suspect. Early descriptions based on witness accounts described the suspect as “Hispanic”; however, the race of the suspected gunman has not been confirmed by authorities…”


Orlando killer repeatedly referenced ISIS, transcript shows

(CNN) — Omar Mateen, the gunman who killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in June, repeatedly told a police hostage negotiator that he was a soldier of ISIS and that the United States had to stop its bombing in Syria and Iraq, according to a police transcript released Friday.


Imam caught fueling jihad from MD mosque?

“An imam from Maryland has been caught up in an investigation for allegedly helping a Detroit Muslim acquire military-grade weapons and fight for ISIS in its jihad waged against the West…After uncovering an alleged “arsenal” of weapons in Sebastian Gregerson’s home, the FBI is expanding its investigation of the convert to Islam…”

Charlotte Riots Show Hallmarks Of George Soros Operation

“Todd Walther, spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police told CNN’s Erin Burnett that most of those arrested during the riots in Charlotte had out of state IDs and were bused into the city. I submit to you that it makes no difference what Soros’ underlying reason is for stirring the hornets nest in Charlotte…”

Vote Trump


trumpMay 3, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLinenews.org – Below please consider some thoughts regarding our decision to endorse Donald J. Trump for the office of President of the United States.

Though we view the observation to be axiomatic, nonetheless we note that the current period in history is so critical that the next decade may well determine the future of Western Civilization, a characterization about which we are as serious as a heart attack.

So please allow us to proceed in a stream of consciousness bit of prose…

Mr. Cruz is obviously stunningly intelligent and says the things that strict constructionists want to hear. Mr. Trump has built an empire taking risks while engaging in capitalism and must therefore also be highly intelligent as demonstrated by the ability to get things done in perhaps the toughest city bureaucracy in the U.S., no small feat.

As an aside, Mr. Obama is perhaps as intelligent as Mr. Cruz and look at the wreckage of the last 7+ yrs…so perhaps sheer IQ is not indicative of anything but the ability to process information; it doesn’t speak to motives, intent, policy, ability to forge consensus or any of the qualities required if the West is going to have one last shot at maintaining its greatness.

As we all painfully remember Obama campaigned as a uniter…enough said.

From our vantage point the entirety of Western Civilization hangs in precarious balance as of this writing, and depending on the political decisions that Western leaders make over the next, let’s say, decade [though it could well be shorter than that] we risk losing everything, the entire corpus of values which have made the modern world a significantly better place in which to live.

Because of cultural Marxism/deconstructionism/post-modernism…whatever…the West find itself with a major inferiority complex, i.e., the West lacks cultural confidence especially vis-a-vis an ascendant Muslim world which is knitted together by a very closely held sacralized ideology [i.e. a secular, or demi-religion] Islam.

There is a demographic time bomb which has been allowed to have been planted on our shores. As we permit an unrestricted inflow of people who are often illiterate in their own native tongue and have no identification with the ideals of liberal democracies – in the case of Islam it is doctrinally, often violently, antagonistic to the concept of acculturation and secular governance – the West, because of its low reproductive rate, is rapidly losing the key to being able to maintain our liberties and freedoms, its native people [yes there certainly are naturalized citizens who fully support tradition] who are the soul of the West.

After the tipping point occurs – residing in California and thus seeing the process up close and personal – there will come a point of no return, as the traditional demographic is subsumed into one which is decidedly un-democratic as well as being highly antagonistic towards the nativist perspective.

With that as context we see the presidential contest more in terms of which of the two candidates – Hillary is anathema, a walking form of terminal cultural cancer – might be able to address this overriding issue.

Before we proceed let us note that regardless, we will endorse and work our asses off for whoever becomes the eventual GOP nominee.

Though the media inertia is captive to the prevailing world-view of the I95/DC/NRO/Atlantic Coast corridor, “flyover country” Americans sense something has gone horribly wrong. Though many may not be able to properly articulate it to the satisfaction of the academic world, the lumpenproletariat feel that America is rapidly becoming un-Amerika.

Trump’s championing of closing the Southern border and halting Muslim immigration as well as severely constraining the number and type of visas available to foreign Muslim nationals speaks to this core concern. It was he, not Cruz who made this a central topic in the campaign.

To cut it short, all candidates are a gamble; witness the GOP led Congress’ lack of will to oppose Obama on anything, so it’s a crapshoot at a certain level.

However we believe [from the perspective of having previously supported and contributed to the Cruz campaign] that Trump at least intuitively understands the aforementioned core issue, whereas Cruz is all process.

Additionally Cruz has spent his entire life in government, has no record of accomplishments and is an abrasive unlikeable person. We say this based upon the judgment of many who know him as well as those who associated with Mr. Cruz going all the way back to his college days, where many of his classmates held him in low regard with some of his female acquaintances additionally observing that Ted’s demeanor and behavior was “creepy.”

Lastly we come to the matter of veracity.

Ted Cruz is a liar, for example, at least based upon the coverage in the latest Newsweek, certainly not an academic peer reviewed periodical but nonetheless authoritative to the extent that its journo can be sourced to the truth.

As many of you know, over the last week John Boehner characterized Cruz in an especially negative manner. Cruz immediately responded, all of which is contained in the below excerpt from Newsweek:

[Cruz said] “I’ve never worked with John Boehner. The truth of the matter is I don’t know the man…

It was the late 1990s: Boehner was a congressman from Ohio, and Cruz was a rising legal star who had clerked for Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist. Cruz had not yet turned 30. Boehner was suing Democratic Representative Jim McDermott of Washington state for allegedly defying wiretapping laws, according to The Washington Post.

The case stemmed from an illegally intercepted telephone call that involved Boehner and other GOP leaders in December 1996. The call was about then-Speaker Newt Gingrich, who later admitted to a wrongdoing in an ongoing House ethics subcommittee investigation. A Florida couple intercepted the conversation from a police scanner and recorded it while Boehner spoke on a cellphone, then gave the tape to McDermott, who at the time was the chief Democrat on the House Ethics Committee. McDermott presented the tape to media outlets, including The New York Times. Boehner then sued McDermott, seeking punitive damages for violations of his First Amendment rights.

And who did Boehner hire for his legal team? None other than a fresh-faced Cruz, who at the time had finished two clerkships and was working with a law firm in Washington, D.C. Cruz, who worked at the firm for a year until 1998, was one of the attorneys who briefly defended Boehner during litigation against McDermott.”

So Ted was obviously lying, the type of untruth that is especially troubling because it’s entirely and thoughtlessly reckless because it can so easily be proven false. This type of lying is commonly seen as evidence of “congenital lying,” an especially troubling personality defect in one who aspires to be the next President of the United States.

Mr. Trump threatens the status quo, Cruz works behind the scenes with scumbag party insiders, who despite the fact that many actually hate him, in Trump see an end to their never-ending gravy train.

The Donald also is a polished and highly skilled media professional, unpredictable, apparently fearless and charismatic in a manner inconceivable to Mr. Cruz, who has never held court at rallies of 30k rabid supporters.

It is our judgment that GOP candidate Donald J. Trump would destroy Clinton Inc. in the general election. He might even succeed in putting New York, California and other “deep blue states back in play and therefore force the Democrat party to devote huge resources to entire geographic areas which they have taken for granted for decades.

Strategically it’s HUUUUGE having a candidate who can actually create the big tent about which the RNC has historically pretended to want, but rejects when they can’t control the candidate capable of creating that new voter base.

We see no alternative, vote Trump.

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WTF File Vol. I No. III – The Absurd Notion that Trump Can’t Beat Hillary

April 28, 2016 – Washington, DC – FreeFireZoneBlog.com – With all apologies due both the Cruz and Kasich campaigns, boys, it’s time to chuck it in, you got your asses handed to you.

In the end, despite “the common political wisdom” both of these men proved themselves to be nothing more than tools of the RNC/I95 oligopoly, negotiating an unbelievably stupid deal…in broad daylight…sheesh…a cease-fire of the Middle Eastern variety, in which they bound themselves not to run hard against each other in states where one or the other might have a better shot at gaining ground on the long ago “left-the-station” Trump Express.

Of course as these things go, deals between liars and thieves seldom outlast the time it takes for the ink to dry on the agreement and Messrs Cruz and Kasich #CRUZICH almost immediately fell upon each other.

No matter how you dress them up, weasels will always be weasels. From one aspect it’s really not their fault since they are prisoners of their defective DNA, but we will leave that discussion to another time. However, we will opine that the longer these two remain in the race the more they tend invoke the image of Harold Stassen, whose heirs are still demanding a recount of the 1984 election…

This just in, Cruz chooses Fiorina to be his “shadow” VP, since Cruzer has about as much chance of winning the nomination as do I. Fiorina is a particularly bad choice; she is very cold, unappealing candidate. She can’t project empathy or any degree of even phony warmth. As to her vaunted business acumen, her stewardship of HP was disastrous. She presided over the layoff of nearly 40k employees and under her guidance the growth rate of the company was more than halved. Finally the Board of Directors had enough and fired her. Since this happened when she was a relatively young 50, if she was such a hot property, it’s hard to understand why she never again ran another public company. Within days of Fiorina’s firing, the price of HP shares doubled…enough said…great choice Ted, pick a proven business failure as VP in your imaginary presidency.

That said, regarding the spectacular feat that DT has managed to achieve, to the extent where it is not at least grudgingly acknowledged, the “conservative” apparatchiks do genuinely appear to be flummoxed.

How did a “Vulgarian” [hey, we don’t hear that much anymore do we?] manage to destroy over a dozen opponents [some of which were actually breathing at the beginning of the ordeal] in the space of about 10 months, one of whom – the 60 watt wonder, Florida’s version of the RNC Dough Boy, the Jebbster – spent over 100M bucks, raised by evil greedheads like Karl Rove and the rest of BushCo, to impose a world class dufus on the American electorate?

Well shit happened, the narrow shouldered Jebby often found himself tongue tied and…well…let’s say, un-dynamic. The bigger problem was that when ideas could intelligibly escape his mouth, he would blurt out crazy stuff like, “it’s an act of love when a WetBack breaks U.S. law and illegally enters the United States.”

Unfortunately for JB, this sentiment was not shared by many outside of DC and hence his stillborn candidacy remains a sad tale of “love most unrequited.”

But how could this happen?

All the polls, the talking heads, all the journos and press stenographers…the entire cerebral mass of the political sphere’s equivalent of Steven Hawking had already been measuring the windows in the Oval Office for Bushies new Siesta themed drapes.

So, even as reality slowly dawned on these clowns, they insisted that what was happening, wasn’t happening…how dare you believe your lying eyes instead of us, the Wizards of Smart [ty Rush].

This just couldn’t be, the polls, the polls…the fucking pOLls had preordained, in oracular fashion, the ascension of Jebby into political heaven, atoning for the sins of all.

Arise…ye are today free men…go your way and vote Bush forever more…

So now that most of the GOP wreckage has been removed from the scene of the bloody encounter with the NY dynamo, the question springing from the lips of the same political ninnies who said this day would never ever come, is what about Trump’s negatives, which the most recent polling has him at about a 153% disapproval rate, margin of error +/-…

Here’s what these nabobs will never understand:

Though the black art of conducting a political poll usually will rely on some modicum of science, most notably statistics, under even the most ideal conditions when the sample size is right, the party distribution, ethnic-gender-religious affiliation, potential of actually turning out to vote, etc., are carefully balanced, at best a poll is just a snapshot of a moment in time.

For example, women especially used to swoon over pretty boy former Senator John Edwards as he pursued the DNC nomination, providing stiff [pun intended] competition to the eventual winning nominee, John Kerry. Edwards eventually settled for the VP slot.

At the time the “common political wisdom” was that either Kerry or Edwards would handily defeat Bush, as CNN delightedly reported Kerry, Edwards both top Bush in poll.

“Democratic presidential hopefuls John Edwards and John Kerry both hold leads of 10 percentage points or more in hypothetical match-ups against President Bush, according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Wednesday…”

Was the poll wrong?


But that really isn’t the question, is it?

The right question would be, was the poll predictive, was it borne out in reality…which we know was not the case as Bush/Cheney handily defeated Kerry/Edwards.

And as if to add lechery to the mix, it must be remember that shortly after Edward’s defeat it was revealed that not only were those “rumors” published by the National Enquirer true, but Edwards not only was doing the “big nasty” with some gal while his wife had cancer, he actually fathered a love-child during the affair and then got into all sorts of trouble in the ensuing cover-up.

So in the case of Edwards the “snapshot” was based on a faux reality which lacked “evidence not yet presented.”

Much the same can be said regarding the Trump “negatives,” they mean nothing; he race between Hillary and Trump hasn’t even begun though they are both their party’s presumptive nominees.

Now, if it was Hillary vs. Cruz then polling might have more relevance since the Teddster is a one trick, door-to-door, used Bible selling act and is hence even more predictable than he is boring.

But Trump is a political wild-man, master of the deal who has chewed through genuinely tough characters compared to the multiple fraudulent personas Hillary cowers behind.

Do you really think Trump won’t come at her with at least the same ferocity with which he dispatched Jebby Bush and the rest on the party nincompoops who used to be in the race?

Once the HildaBeast is outed nationally as the lying, cheating, security threatening scumbag – which everyone in DC knows she is, but are afraid to acknowledge – do you really think that the almighty polls will not THEN reflect a “change in weather?”

Bottom line, in this day and age, polls really mean nothing outside of a narrow technical measure of a limited sample of people, a guess. Most often in modern journo the poll is created to affirm whatever narrative happens to be running at the time, which of course is back-assward, but the truth nonetheless.

Students at PipeLineU, the United States was never conceived, nor has it ever been some version of an Athenian democracy in which every issue is settled by a show of the hands, which is the ancient form of the modern poll.

Leaders forge consensus, they manifestly do not follow from behind, ala Zippy the Immaculate as he shoots hoops on the WH round-ball court.

Hillary is the ultimate fraud, a follower of the political zephyrs of the first order.

You may hate Trump’s guts, think he eats puppies under the full moon, etc., but to deny his leadership and bold nature is to deny reality. As we have seen there are more than a dozen broken bodies littering the countryside of political candidates who had the temerity to take on the Trumpster thinking him “easy meat” and that fact should provide ample evidence that writing him off at this point is madness.



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Why Trump Will be the Nominee and Will Crush Hillary

April 21, 2016 – Washington, DC – FreeFireZoneBlog.com – Listen up puppies, this shouldn’t be rocket science but the logic of the Trump campaign either eludes many or forces some to feign ignorance thereof.

  1. It’s not a campaign, it’s a movement. Trump isn’t a politician, he’s more akin to a bomb throwing revolutionary. His cross-hairs are squarely targeting the DC and corrupt state party political elites that have mismanaged this country’s affairs and used its constantly expanding bureaucracy to daily tighten the noose around the neck of the average American. Meanwhile, they enrich themselves while sniggering behind their backs about the rubes who put them in office.

This is a level of arrogance that pegs the Barf-o-meter at about 11, sending the needle thingie into orbit…

  1. To suggest that Trump and his campaign are stupid and simply don’t understand the crooked party rules is ludicrous. He certainly didn’t become a multi-billionaire through any lack of an ability to grasp nuance and process. The NRO types who make this allegation – the wizards of smart – couldn’t maneuver building a closet through a NY planning board if their lives depended on it.
  2. Trump has and always will swing for the bleachers; he paints in bold strokes and colors ala Ronald Reagan
  3. From the get go, Trump knew what he was up against, an entrenched, porcine political class whose only visible means of support is the privileged tit represented by Atlantic Coast political structure.
  4. Trump early on decided to bypass the entire creaky and rotting political structure and take his case directly to the people who daily build America, who have been gang-raped by both parties with impunity.

This is why his rallies assume the proportion of revival events, crowds of 10, 15, 20 thousand and more, with turn-aways numbering far more than what the other candidates could draw on a combined basis for a single event.

  1. Thus Trump has 4 key issues, Borders, Language, Culture [thank yewww Dr. Savage] and the assertions  of an obviously Rigged Political System, that denies the American people the most basic of political rights, one man, one vote.
  2. Rigged? Let me explain. Every 10 years the census is conducted upon which the state political bosses of both parties carve up Congressional Districts as to be most favorable to their party. If the GOP runs things they get the nod, ditto the Democrats. Each state party is an intricate web of organization, local party structures and or clubs which do much of the grunt work on up to the state party leadership, which also set the rules under which their primaries are conducted.

But the bottom line is that the incumbent almost invariably wins, and of course that candidate has been brought up through the corrupt system and is thus domesticated by the bosses to eat out of their hands and take it up the ass upon command…so craven are these lost souls that, after a while they come to enjoy the abuse.

Term limits? WTF are those?

It is by this process that some states no longer even make a pretense of having elections to determine who is favored by the electorate; they instead have “caucuses” where clownish back room deals are the norm. In some states such as Colorado, people have to vote for numbers instead of actual people. These voters had no idea with which candidate the associated delegate was aligned, the system intentionally makes it impossible to determine this…the purpose it all along.

Or they do hold an election, but reserve a certain number of delegates whose allegiance is to the party mobsters…or the allegiance is promised, but only through the first ballot, assuming there might be more than one, a real possibility with this band of crooked heartless bastards.

The end result of this is that despite all of the high sounding rhetorical horse shit they spout, in reality, for example, the GOP presidential nominee, all things being equal, will always be some iteration of a dull 60 watt loser like Jeb Bush, John Kasich or the 110 watt version Ted Cruz…the Teddster being the “I’m smarter than Steven Hawking,” failsafe candidate for the party. Though largely hated, with good reason by his fellow GOPers, they much prefer their own black sheep to the wolf with the unruly blond hair and super-size ego.

Please don’t misunderstand, these people aren’t stupid; dumb people do not rise to the top in DC [with a few exceptions like Barbara Boxer] but party hacks on the make do.

Political serfdom is what the establishment thrives upon; they have come up through the system to which they become beholden.

Trump says, screw that stuff, I’m the alpha-male here, get out of my way or you are going to get hurt.

  1. Yes, it goes without saying that Trump the nominee scares holy hell out of the RNC types but it REALLY gives dyspepsia to Hillary who is petrified of someone treating her like the thug she is.
  2. Trust me Trump knows, far better than relative clod-hoppers such as Jim Geraghty, where the skeletons are buried, hell he has interred some of them personally.
  3. Trump, to the extent that he has tossed political contributions around, has actually bought those who pretend to be the puppet-masters. Understand that this does NOT mean he’s underwritten their platform; he doesn’t care, that type of stuff is small-ball of intrigue only to amateurs.

It’s very much like, “Yeah Chuck so u r willing to kill the unborn with your bare hands, wow you are a stud…just remember you are in MY pocket and when it comes to XYZ you will vote with me, I don’t care about your petty-ass games, answer the phone when I call.”

Get it? Trump doesn’t contribute he PURCHASES political commodities who are after all simply whores in expensive suits with surgically implanted follicles.

  1. As a result, comes the election, it’s Trump vs. Hillary [actually I kinda feel sorry for the fat sow…no just kidding]. DT comes at her so hard from so many different angles that she will be living on Dramamine IVs just to be able to navigate up to the podium.
  2. The Donald absolutely knows secrets about the Clinton’s that are several orders of magnitude above the depth of understanding of the RNC Einsteins…AND…he is perfectly willing to use or threaten to use them. He’s played smash mouth in the toughest game in the country for over 40 years and emerged as a billionaire.

From here it should be easy to imagine how this plays out by connecting the dots but these are the basics, students.

Perhaps we can expand on this for the next lesson, just remember this WILL be on the test so we hope you took good notes.

Class dismissed…

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