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NJ Democrat…”Effin N-Town?”

Don’t you think it’s appropriate to fine this woman $2.5M, ban her from her place of employment and put her name on the front page of every newspaper in the U.S.?

Live: MONEX Precious Metals Spot Index

With the increasingly uncertain state of the U.S. economy [Team Obama is pressure cooking the books] and with Q1 GDP figures running at a measly .1% we thought our readers might be interested in obtaining the spot price of precious metals, not that we are advising their purchase or sale for that matter.

Monex Live Gold Price

Monex Live Silver Price

Monex Live Palladium Price

Monex Live Platinum Prices

The Giglio Report: CA Legislative Update

April 23, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – – Many of the bills listed have received amendments prior to their first committee hearing. or been totally gutted and re-worded. They are all facing imminent hearings. Should you call on behalf of a bill please note that each bill requires a separate phone call even when it is to the same committee.



AB 2336, Shannon Grove, (R-Bakersfield), 916-319-2034. Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act. Prohibits the intentional abortion procedure for gender selection purposes.
Hearing Date: May 5. Phone calls to the Assembly Health Committee members, in support, requested starting now. Richard Pan, Chairman 916-319-2109, Brian Maiennschein, (R) V. Chair 916-319-2077.


SB 1358, Lois Wolk, (D-Vacaville), 916-651-4003 , Baby Diaper Changing stations.
Requires that all public and private buildings (with over 50 employees) provide baby diaper changing stations in bathrooms (mens and womens) in all new or renovated constructions, on each floor of their building. Further requires that private businesses pay for this renovation or addition and provide upkeep and maintenance.

SUPPORTERS: Equality California, Equal Rights Advocates and Commission on Status of Women. Author’s office is working on obtaining support from the March of Dimes, First Five, Ca. and the PTA. This is claimed, by Wolk’s legislative aide as needed due to health, sanitation and convenience purposes not to mention equal rights.

Hearing date: April 29, 2014, Sen. Transportation and Housing Committee, Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, Chair; Sen Ted Gaines V. Chair – 916-651-4901.

AB 1955, Richard Pan, (D-Sacto) 916-319-2109. Healthy Kids, Healthy Minds Demonstration. a three year demonstration project employing the services of a “mental health professional,” i.e. school psychologist or social worker for the purpose of case management of students and data collection on students whch is to be turned in to the state department of Education – CDE. This is part of a proposed federal Student-to-School Nurse Ratio Improvement Act requiring employment of one school nurse to every 750 students. A Joint Resolution was previously authored in support of this type of bill in 2012 by Assembly woman Susan Bonilla and 2010 by Tom Torlakson (now Superintendent of Education).

Support: Ca. Federation of Teachers, Ca. organization of Social Workers.
Hearing: Assembly Health Committee, Richard Pan, Chairman (note: the bill is in his own committee), Brian Maienschein, (R) V. Chair, 916-319-2077.

AB 2399, John Perez, (D-L.A.) Organ and Tissue donor registry: Driver’s License Information.
Current law authorizes certain businesses to collect data on a customer by swiping a driver’s license card. This bill authorizes Organ Donor Procurement Agencies and their employees to register organ donors by also swiping the driver’s license card relaying registration information to the 4 statewide federally designated organ procurement organizations: Golden State Donor Services, (North Central Ca. ) California Transplant Donor Network (No. Cal). and OneLegacy-(So. Cal).
The Republican Caucus in Sacramento will not oppose this bill. They seem reluctant to consider the potential for abuse and carelessness on the part of local procurers. It should be opposed by all pro life people because it simplifies the process of registering potential donors too easily and quickly and incentivizes the local procurers to fast talk people into becoming donors.



AB 2016, Nora Campos, (D-San Jose), 916-319-2017. Pupil Instruction: Sexual Ause and Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention. Requires development of “courses of study” for public and charter schools, providing transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten and grades 1-12, inclusive; in sexual abuse and sexual assault awareness and prevention. Author claims that the bill will permit a written and approved form for an opt-out form.
Of course, it will be Planned Parenthood either training the teachers or presenting the materiall to the tender and innocent ears and eyes of 4, 5 year olds and beyond.

Hearing Date: April 30, Assembly Education Committee, Joan Buchanan, (D-Danville), Chair 916-319-2016, Kristen Olsen, (R-Modesto) V. Chair 916-319-2012.

SB 837, Darrell Steinberg, (D-Sacto) 916-651-4006. Creates the Kindergarten Readiness Act of 2014. Requires that any school district or Charter School offering Kindergarten also offer Transitional Kindergarten.

SUPPORTERS: twenty-seven listed stakeholder groups including Planned Parenthood/Mar Vista, Children now, State PTA (they are also supporters of the diaper changing bill) Junior League, League of Women Voters, United Way and Zero-to-three Western Office, First Five.

In other bills, there are three by Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla, AB 2560, required proof of training in child abuse and neglect Reporting. ab2319 on Common Core, AB2512 on equity in after school sports, gender equality represented on teams.

Plus bills dealing with development of school-site Councils, usually stakeholder groups who would have an interest in the students training as a community asset-AB 2384 by Assembly member Bradford, (D) and SB 1248 by Sen. Ricardo Lara, (D) on additional roles for the State Collaborative for Educational Excellence to close achievement gaps, using best practices, to create success for low income students, English Learners, Foster youth and data collection to monitor the rate or ratio of successes.

A reminder that Dr. Paul Byrne, Founder and Director of Life Guardian Foundation, will be the guest speaker at the San Francisco United for Life Dinner, on May 3, at the Irish Cultural Center, Call 415-567-2293 to make your reservation. The subject will be organ donations, why not?


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Analysis Of Pending CA State Legislation


embryoApril 10, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – – What follows is a status report on pending issues/and or bills being considered by the California legislature.

Then look on the right side about mid-point and you will find the words Legislation: state, federal. So far it is only the state bills that we have listed.

We will begin after Easter Week to write more complete reports on the bills in separate reports.


The following seven (7) bills all deal with the elderly and/or residential care facilities or end-of-life issues. Of the seven 4 are sponsored by Ca. Advocates for Nursing Home Reform-CANHR. This group wrote a worthwhile critique of the POLST form appearing to be neutral on its intended results, but, was, in fact, supportive of patient autonomy in choosing to control their life’s last days.

Our concern in most of these bills is the hidden agenda of further promotion of signature gathering of naive and unsuspecting elderly residents of facilities on POLST forms. Some of these bills appear to be offered as a result of at least two incidences in which care facilities and their elderly residents were abandoned by owners and employees when the money ran out.
Compassion and Choices, the major promoter of the POLST has received several million in federal dollars to stimulate additional training of employees on how to encourage acceptance of the form.

SB 911 by Marty Block, (916)-651-4939. Requires additional training hours for employees of residential care facilities without stipulating to the type of training.

SB1357, Lois Wolk, (D), 916-323-2304. Enacts the state POLST Registry Act which would be a statewide registry and monitoring program of anyone who signs a POLST form. This data could be transferred to any of a number of government entities and emergency services.

AB1523, Toni Adkins, (D-SD) Residential Care Facilities: Liability Insurance.

AB1572, Susan Eggman, (D-SD), Residential Care Facilities: Resident Councils.
Requires establishment of resident councils and amends the rules of developing these councils for already established facilities. Removes family members but adds community stakeholders and tighter rules regarding avenues for submission of complaints or suggestions for changes in accommodating needs of residents.

AB2139, Susan Eggman, (D-SD), 916-319-2013, End-Of-Life Care: Patient Notification. Mandates establishment of a definition of “terminal Illness.” authorizes a person with power of attorney for a terminally ill (as defined) patient to be notified of this diagnosis and provided with “comprehensive information and counseling regarding legal end-of-life options.”

It’s interesting that no organization has been identified as a supporter or sponsor as of this date. It must be presumed that Compassion and Choices or other agencies of the death and dying proponents is the sponsor.

SB1322. Ed Hernandez, (D) 916-651-4924, California Health Care Quality Improvement and Cost Containment Commission. Authorizes the Governor to establish this commission to regulate and contain costs of delivering medical services. Care facilities will be rated according to their ability to contain costs and accountability while developing innovative cost containment measures.

Cost containment can be understood to be the engine driving restriction of dollars and employee time spent on care of financially burdensome patients.

Members of this commission shall represent the usual stakeholders, labor, business, health care practitioners, hospital industry reps, health insurance, legal community health care economist, the Secty. of CA. Health and Human Services and the Ex. Director of Covered California.

Issues this commission will cover are: assessing California’s health care needs, improving “quality” of care and “efficiency.” disease management, wellness, prevention and “other innovative programs to keep people healthy while reducing costs and improving health outcomes.. and finally. “efficient utilization of prescription drugs and technology.”

This all sounds more like expanding the net profit of this new industry by dropping expensive and innovative treatments to senior citizens. than it does expanding and improving the lives of the residents elderly and ill as well as healthy.

ACR 125, John Perez, 916-319-2053. Setting aside a date every April to recognize April as Donate Life month and signing up for organ donations through the DMV.

End note:

For more information please visit which more fully develops and provides attribution on Sanctity of Life and other related issues.

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Obama Declares War On Elderly Nevada Man, Invades Ranch

Reason for Feds Stockpiling of Ammunition Becomes Clear


April 9, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – – While no one in this administration has been held to account for: the Benghazi disaster, Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the ongoing Islamic jihad in Northern Africa, the new partnership between Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda…ad infinitim, a ranch in Nevada is this hour under seige by over 200 armed federal goons in full batle gear.

The cause of this extraordinary action is a long-standing dispute between Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management over cattle grazing rights.

Bundy’s family has held the property for 140 years, certainly predating the existence of the BLM [not to mention the overwhelming majority of the fed. bureaucracy] yet DC believes it has the right to confiscate Bundy’s cattle in an effort to protect the desert tortoise. [please refer to, Faith Heaton Jolley and Dave Cawley, ‘Wake up America,’ says family involved in BLM cattle dispute, KSL Radio, Utah]

Though BLM has through the federal courts sanctified its claim on Bundy’s property, the matter remained unresolved, that is until Obama’s Thug Army invaded the ranch as if it were marching into Fallujah, or Tehran, except it has no plans of ever doing that.

Nevada’s governor Brian Sandoval is not pleased [see Jennifer Kaster, Gov. Brian Sandoval attacks BLM in cattle roundup controversy , Action 13 News] voicing outrage that DC could possibly feel that this dispute required the deployment of hundreds of heavily armed federal goons.

We believe that the Bundy family is correct in sounding the alarm, it is well beyond time for America to awaken from its sleepwalking through the establishment of a police state by Barack Hussein Obama.
No wonder federal agencies such as DHS are buying billions of rounds of ammunition and rehearsing to suppress “civil unrest.” These people know that Americans will eventually grow tired of these Gestapo tactics and when they do whatever DHS has in mind will be dwarfed by the intensity of the response.
While we do not condone violence the tea leaves are becoming increasingly easy, not to mention disquieting, to read.

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