Chuck Schumer, Portrait of a Fascist – Occupied California – January 27, 2014 – Ok, we are tired of pulling punches in the face of the outrageous anti-Constitutional ravings of the Democrat Party’s leadership.

It’s time to deal with this head-on…break out the lead pipes, blowtorches and pliers.

The most recent example of the increasingly hysterical tone of this extremist advocacy was a speech delivered at John Podesta’s Center For American Progress by Senator Charles Schumer [D-NY] who is suggesting “campaign reform” as a method of crushing political dissent, namely the Tea Party.

The so-called “Center for American Progress” [CAP] is a collectivist think tank founded by John Podesta, former Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton. Hooking up early with Barack Obama, CAP has served as the de-facto hiring center for the administration.

Podesta himself was recently added to the Obama’s team of advisors, charged with the duty of righting Team O’s leaking ship of state.

Podesta is a hired thug and perhaps the real architect of the Clinton administration’s “politics of personal destruction.” He served as counsel to Senator Pat “Leaky” Leahy and helped him advance what has been the wholesale takeover of the Federal Judiciary by activist judges who piss on the Constitution.

He has long been a proponent of Democrat presidents shattering the separation of powers concept and usurping legislative and judicial authority through the use of executive orders and other strong-arm tactics. [Some of the above sourced at John Podesta, Discover the Networks]

Witness, “I have a pen and a phone.”

So it was altogether fitting that Schumer outline his anti-Democratic philosophy at CAP.

A few quotes should provide the flavor of his diatribe.

They’ve won elections, stymied Democratic priorities and taken a sledgehammer to programs that are important to tens of millions of Americans…Our very electoral structure has been rigged to favor tea party candidates in Republican primaries, even when the district or the state may not be that red.

His goal here?

To destroy his political opponents by mandating “open elections,” thus denying the right of Republicans to choose Republicans as candidates for political office.

This would prevent a hard-right candidate from gaining office with only 22 percent of the vote. It would force the most extreme candidates in Republican districts to move closer to the middle to pick up more moderate Republicans and independents in order to be one of the top two vote-getters and enter the run off.

This is a proven strategy, witness California where candidates are no longer forced to identify their party affiliation, with the two who garner the most votes then having a run-off for the seat. This has resulted in a California legislature where Republicans are a non-entity since they have no effective vote. Thus there are no checks and balances to prevent Democrats from doing whatever they wish, which is a lot, none of it good.

Schumer believes in the Leviathan totalitarian state, he speaks of it with the kind of reverential tone, that most should find chilling.

“Their mantra – dramatically shrink government and our problems will end’ — is the fundamentally false…” [quotes source at, Susan Jones, Schumer Suggests ‘Electoral Reform’ As Way to ‘Lessen the Grip of the Tea Party’, CNS News]

Last time we checked the Constitution was promulgated upon the principle of limited government with political authority residing in, of and by the people.

Heard enough?

We think not.

Schumer and his ilk deserve the Fascist appellation, they and their party have earned it because despite the rhetoric it’s he, his progenitors and his party buds who are the totalitarian minded racists.

They believe that only white upper crust radical Ivy League educated lawyers have the right to define the politics of minorities.

Those intrepid few who stray from the strict confines of this world, people such as Justice Clarence Thomas, former Bush AG Alberto R. Gonzales, Condoleezza Rice former representative J. C. Watts, judicial nominees Janice Rogers Brown, Michael Estrada, most recently the political prosecution of film maker Dinesh D’Souza and other have suffered the wrath of these people simply because their ideology differs from that which the Democrat Party has chosen for them. [some of above sourced at, John Fund, The War on Conservative Minorities, National Review]

Modern day members of the Democrat Party come by their biases naturally, since the Democrats have had a 150 year love affair with racial segregation. It was Democrat governors, mayors, police chiefs and other political animals who manned the instruments of oppressing blacks in the deep-South.

When you think of Jim Crow laws, think white racist Democrat – the now departed former Democrat Senator who held multiple positions of authority within that body – Senate Majority Whip, Senate Majority Leader and President pro tempore.

Byrd had previously been a ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Connecting the dots yet?

Good, but there’s more…

Today’s Democrat leaders ascribe to the Fascistic notion of state socialism through crony capitalism, with companies run by fat-cat Dems being singled out for government assistance. Here think Big Labor, teacher and public employee unions, Green Sector mavens, purveyors of fraudulent global warming junk science, etc.

Hitler liked his Krupp steel, Schumer, Obama and the rest love Solyndra, union bailouts and other fiscal rat-holes.

No my friends, despite the Democrat Party controlling the presidency, the senate, the media, the judiciary, the entertainment industry and the educational establishment, it isn’t enough.

Even though the Obama administration has used the Department of Justice, the IRS and other governmental centers of authority and power to crush any opposition, it just isn’t enough.

Even though this administration is wildly violative of the rule of law already, it isn’t enough.

People like Charles “Chuck-You” [thank you Mark Levin] Schumer and his bund of brothers and sisters will settle for nothing but total control.

The content of Schumer’s speech at CAP should chill Americans to their marrow. It’s a sure prescription for total central control, an all powerful state run by condescending, corrupt schmucks such as Schumer.

If that’s what you want, then keep your fat ass on the couch; save your bitching until Big Chuckie and the Blue Helmets come knocking at your door.

Don’t you dare say you weren’t warned.

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