Ice Core Data Disproves Man Made Global Warming Theory

February 18, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – – For some inexplicable reason, the junk scientists who so fervently believe in the myth of man made global warming [and their idiot press lackeys] are offering as proof of their theory one of the coldest winters on record.

Goodness knows why they think this linkage is going to convince the increasing number of global warming skeptics they they are wrong, perhaps it’s just indicative of what unremitting liars these govenment paid stooges are.

On a hunch we pulled two publicly sourced graphics on a simple Google search which clearly demonstrate that the faux science on global warming is absurd. The data was optained by analyzine deep ice core samples.

Click on either image for full size view.

Graphic 1 shows temperature variations in Greenland over a 4,000 year span. As this data shows, the average temperature in Greenland [80% of which is now covered in a thick ice sheet] has steadily fallen over this period of time. If you’ve ever asked yourself how Greenland got its name, merely note the periodic uptick in temperature which happened to coincide with the landing of the first Nordic settlers circa 1000 AD, and hence the presence of lush vegetation which now has vanished.











Graphic 2 shows the concentration of atmospheric gasses over an 800,000 year span. Please note the cyclical increase in CO2 concentrations which occure like clockwork about every 80,000 years in a timeframe when the allegedly evil internal combustion engine was not quite yet on the drawing board.



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