Text Of FCC Proposed Assault On Media

February 19, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – FreeFireZoneBlog.com – News of a proposed plan by the FCC which would stifle freedom of expression, trampling the First Amendment has been kicking around for days.

As is usually the case, most of the news media dash off a few hundred words about topic “A” or “B” without revealing the source document’s entire content.

We don’t operate like that, below the link to the FCC document in question:

Research Design for the Multi-­‐Market Study of Critical Information Needs – Prepared by: Social Solutions International, Inc.

What is Social Solutions Int. Inc.?

“Social Solutions is a research and evaluation firm dedicated to the creation of positive change for underserved populations. Our work touches those in our community and in countries worldwide.  We are a mission-driven organization that believes that superior science can improve the world” [source, SSI website, About Us]

SSI appears to have all of the attributes of a leftist operation, seeking to “serve” the “needs” of “diverse” populations. All Marxist codewords

“Social Solutions International, Inc. is a research and evaluation firm dedicated to the creation of social and health solutions to improve the welfare of underserved populations worldwide. Values  Founded on the values of diversity, social responsibility, and quality, Social Solutions International’s corporate culture is grounded in the concept of positive change..”

That would be “change” as it pertains to Team Obama? Fundamental, anti-American change?

From the FCC proposal, the study’s purpose is to:

Collect data to inform, the access (or potential barriers) to CINs as identified by the FCC; the media that makes up media ecologies (i.e., what media is actually included in that ecology; ownership of that market; what specific type of content dominates those media ecologies; what is the flow of information within the ecology, etc); the use of and interaction between media that makes media ecologies (i.e., how do different layers of the ecology interact to provide for CINs; how do individuals of diverse neighborhoods/communities differ in terms of access to CINs)

Below, text of the FCC’s proposal that the “community” will be the driver of news content. When we hear the word community coming from social welfare do-gooder organizations and Team Obama we get very nervous:


a. General Population Survey: Utilizing a multi-level sampling method, this survey will measure community members’ actual and perceived critical information needs.

b. In-depth Neighborhood Interviews: In order to tap into not only individual level effects, but also neighborhood effects, we will conduct in-depth interviews with individuals.

That’s right, it’s not really news anymore it’s “crtitical information.”

Translation: this means that some third party NGO will decide what content is fit to print or broadcast. Clearly, thiis is Big Brother Barack, knocking at the front door- a mere formality, the armored Storm Troopers, breaching rounds in battery, are right behind him..

Be very frightened, then do something about it, this is madness.

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