Obama Court Strikes Again – Approves Either Sex School Restrooms

June 19, 2004 – Washington, DC – FreeFireZoneBlog.com – Federal District Judge Henry Franklin Floyd, appointed to the 4th District Court in 2011 by President Zippy, is already infamous for his overturning of Virginia’s policy of disallowing same-sex marriage.

However he has outdone himself in a just issued ruling – Grimm v. Gloucester County School Board – defying the local school district and allowing “transgendered” students to use the restroom of their choice despite their actual biological gender.

“A federal appeals court in Richmond has sided with a transgender high school student, saying that he can proceed with his lawsuit arguing that his school board’s decision to ban him from the boys’ bathroom is discriminatory.” [source, Moriah Balingit, Federal appeals court sides with transgender teen, says bathroom case can go forward, WashPost]

Unsurprisingly, the suit against the district was brought by the U.S. Department of Education which has presided over an intentional program of dumbing down and indoctrinating American youth to produce its version of a utopian multiculture.



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