WTF File Vol. I No. III – The Absurd Notion that Trump Can’t Beat Hillary

April 28, 2016 – Washington, DC – – With all apologies due both the Cruz and Kasich campaigns, boys, it’s time to chuck it in, you got your asses handed to you.

In the end, despite “the common political wisdom” both of these men proved themselves to be nothing more than tools of the RNC/I95 oligopoly, negotiating an unbelievably stupid deal…in broad daylight…sheesh…a cease-fire of the Middle Eastern variety, in which they bound themselves not to run hard against each other in states where one or the other might have a better shot at gaining ground on the long ago “left-the-station” Trump Express.

Of course as these things go, deals between liars and thieves seldom outlast the time it takes for the ink to dry on the agreement and Messrs Cruz and Kasich #CRUZICH almost immediately fell upon each other.

No matter how you dress them up, weasels will always be weasels. From one aspect it’s really not their fault since they are prisoners of their defective DNA, but we will leave that discussion to another time. However, we will opine that the longer these two remain in the race the more they tend invoke the image of Harold Stassen, whose heirs are still demanding a recount of the 1984 election…

This just in, Cruz chooses Fiorina to be his “shadow” VP, since Cruzer has about as much chance of winning the nomination as do I. Fiorina is a particularly bad choice; she is very cold, unappealing candidate. She can’t project empathy or any degree of even phony warmth. As to her vaunted business acumen, her stewardship of HP was disastrous. She presided over the layoff of nearly 40k employees and under her guidance the growth rate of the company was more than halved. Finally the Board of Directors had enough and fired her. Since this happened when she was a relatively young 50, if she was such a hot property, it’s hard to understand why she never again ran another public company. Within days of Fiorina’s firing, the price of HP shares doubled…enough said…great choice Ted, pick a proven business failure as VP in your imaginary presidency.

That said, regarding the spectacular feat that DT has managed to achieve, to the extent where it is not at least grudgingly acknowledged, the “conservative” apparatchiks do genuinely appear to be flummoxed.

How did a “Vulgarian” [hey, we don’t hear that much anymore do we?] manage to destroy over a dozen opponents [some of which were actually breathing at the beginning of the ordeal] in the space of about 10 months, one of whom – the 60 watt wonder, Florida’s version of the RNC Dough Boy, the Jebbster – spent over 100M bucks, raised by evil greedheads like Karl Rove and the rest of BushCo, to impose a world class dufus on the American electorate?

Well shit happened, the narrow shouldered Jebby often found himself tongue tied and…well…let’s say, un-dynamic. The bigger problem was that when ideas could intelligibly escape his mouth, he would blurt out crazy stuff like, “it’s an act of love when a WetBack breaks U.S. law and illegally enters the United States.”

Unfortunately for JB, this sentiment was not shared by many outside of DC and hence his stillborn candidacy remains a sad tale of “love most unrequited.”

But how could this happen?

All the polls, the talking heads, all the journos and press stenographers…the entire cerebral mass of the political sphere’s equivalent of Steven Hawking had already been measuring the windows in the Oval Office for Bushies new Siesta themed drapes.

So, even as reality slowly dawned on these clowns, they insisted that what was happening, wasn’t happening…how dare you believe your lying eyes instead of us, the Wizards of Smart [ty Rush].

This just couldn’t be, the polls, the polls…the fucking pOLls had preordained, in oracular fashion, the ascension of Jebby into political heaven, atoning for the sins of all.

Arise…ye are today free men…go your way and vote Bush forever more…

So now that most of the GOP wreckage has been removed from the scene of the bloody encounter with the NY dynamo, the question springing from the lips of the same political ninnies who said this day would never ever come, is what about Trump’s negatives, which the most recent polling has him at about a 153% disapproval rate, margin of error +/-…

Here’s what these nabobs will never understand:

Though the black art of conducting a political poll usually will rely on some modicum of science, most notably statistics, under even the most ideal conditions when the sample size is right, the party distribution, ethnic-gender-religious affiliation, potential of actually turning out to vote, etc., are carefully balanced, at best a poll is just a snapshot of a moment in time.

For example, women especially used to swoon over pretty boy former Senator John Edwards as he pursued the DNC nomination, providing stiff [pun intended] competition to the eventual winning nominee, John Kerry. Edwards eventually settled for the VP slot.

At the time the “common political wisdom” was that either Kerry or Edwards would handily defeat Bush, as CNN delightedly reported Kerry, Edwards both top Bush in poll.

“Democratic presidential hopefuls John Edwards and John Kerry both hold leads of 10 percentage points or more in hypothetical match-ups against President Bush, according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Wednesday…”

Was the poll wrong?


But that really isn’t the question, is it?

The right question would be, was the poll predictive, was it borne out in reality…which we know was not the case as Bush/Cheney handily defeated Kerry/Edwards.

And as if to add lechery to the mix, it must be remember that shortly after Edward’s defeat it was revealed that not only were those “rumors” published by the National Enquirer true, but Edwards not only was doing the “big nasty” with some gal while his wife had cancer, he actually fathered a love-child during the affair and then got into all sorts of trouble in the ensuing cover-up.

So in the case of Edwards the “snapshot” was based on a faux reality which lacked “evidence not yet presented.”

Much the same can be said regarding the Trump “negatives,” they mean nothing; he race between Hillary and Trump hasn’t even begun though they are both their party’s presumptive nominees.

Now, if it was Hillary vs. Cruz then polling might have more relevance since the Teddster is a one trick, door-to-door, used Bible selling act and is hence even more predictable than he is boring.

But Trump is a political wild-man, master of the deal who has chewed through genuinely tough characters compared to the multiple fraudulent personas Hillary cowers behind.

Do you really think Trump won’t come at her with at least the same ferocity with which he dispatched Jebby Bush and the rest on the party nincompoops who used to be in the race?

Once the HildaBeast is outed nationally as the lying, cheating, security threatening scumbag – which everyone in DC knows she is, but are afraid to acknowledge – do you really think that the almighty polls will not THEN reflect a “change in weather?”

Bottom line, in this day and age, polls really mean nothing outside of a narrow technical measure of a limited sample of people, a guess. Most often in modern journo the poll is created to affirm whatever narrative happens to be running at the time, which of course is back-assward, but the truth nonetheless.

Students at PipeLineU, the United States was never conceived, nor has it ever been some version of an Athenian democracy in which every issue is settled by a show of the hands, which is the ancient form of the modern poll.

Leaders forge consensus, they manifestly do not follow from behind, ala Zippy the Immaculate as he shoots hoops on the WH round-ball court.

Hillary is the ultimate fraud, a follower of the political zephyrs of the first order.

You may hate Trump’s guts, think he eats puppies under the full moon, etc., but to deny his leadership and bold nature is to deny reality. As we have seen there are more than a dozen broken bodies littering the countryside of political candidates who had the temerity to take on the Trumpster thinking him “easy meat” and that fact should provide ample evidence that writing him off at this point is madness.



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